Take a Look at This:

Subject: Proposed Billboard at El Rancho4


Here’s an alarming email that we just received from a neighbor.


Please let us know if you would be willing to help us block this action by the county.


Apparently in 1983 a small (160 sq ft) billboard was place along side I-70 between the Evergreen Parkway and El Rancho exits. It has been there for decades and is very nondescript and not that visible. It had been grandfathered in when Jefferson County in 1991 put out a statute to remove and not approve future billboards along it’s portion of Highways and Interstates. A developer has asked for a rezoning of that property and is now proposing to tear down this billboard and erect a 700 square foot lit LED billboard with two panels on each side that will change ads every 8 seconds. Planing & Zoning for Jefferson County is totally against the proposal and has tried to squash it from the beginning. The developer however, has decided to move forward and try and force the rezoning through and so the county has been forced to send it through to referral.

I just happened to find out about it because I get these types of notices sent to me from Jeffco because I am point of contact for Nob Hill HOA. I don’t know about you but our residents in Nob Hill certainly don’t want to see a Las Vegas style billboard that will destroy the aesthetics of our beautiful mountain community, spew light pollution, and set a precedence for more proposals of this type. What’s next? Billboards all up and down the mountain corridor? Signs in Open Spaces?

If you feel as we do we would encourage you to add your opposition. We are on a campaign to make everyone in Evergreen ( and Genesee) aware of this. I’m sure the developer is banking on the community not getting wind of this until it’s too late. We won’t let that happen.

You all have lived in Evergreen for many many years and know many people. We would be greatly appreciative if you could spread the word so that the people of Evergreen can let the County know how much our community does not want this or future projects like this in our area. I’ve listed below the email to send opposition to as well as two links that show mock ups ( from the developer) of this proposed sign. You can also go on Jeffco’s website to see all the info on this case…..


Case Number 15-109516RZ

Email to sent opposition feedback: atiefenb@jeffco.us

Mock ups :





Thank you for any help in getting the word out……if we wanted to live in the city we would have moved there.






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